1. Mandarin Dynasty’s SUMMER OF STING TOUR Dates!

    8/9 TH - San Diego, CA - Che Cafe KICKOFF SHOW w/ Mittens, Baby Buffalo. Presented by LIVE SD WEEKLY.

    8/10 FRI - Mission Viejo, CA - It’s A Grind w/ My Beautiful Leah 

    8/11 SAT - Los Angeles, CA - Home Room Gallery w/ Red Pony Clock 

    8/12 SUN - Southern CA - HELP!

    8/13 MON - Central CA/SF Bay area - HELP!

    8/14 TUE - Sonora, CA - Greater Good Gallery

    8/15 WED - Davis, CA: 
    * KDVS 90.3FM / kdvs.org - Mandarin Dynasty and carlz barkley on the radio, 6pm!
    * Show at The Attendance Office w/ carlz barkley, Alicia Murphy

    8/16 TH - Corvallis, OR - TBA

    8/17 FRI - Portland, OR - The Waypost w/Dustin Scharlarch, Leo J and the Melee

    8/18 SAT - Seattle, WA - Hollow Earth w/ Mega Bog, remambran

    8/19 SUN - Olympia, WA - TBA w/ Richard Album

    8/20 MON - Tacoma, WA - The Den 

    8/21 TUE - Mt. Vernon, WA - Sarah’s House w/ carlz barkley

    8/22 WED - Spokane, WA - Dirty Yet w/ James Rabbit, iji

    8/24 FRI - Portland, OR - Couch Manor w/ Dr. Finger, Feast Ng, carlz barkley

    8/25 SAT - SF Bay area - HELP!

    If you think we’re taking too many days off, you can help us by finding us a show! We’d LOVE that. Send us a Facebook message or write mandarindynasty (at) gmail (dot) com.


    Here’s some things that have happened lately:

    1. We are going on a full band United States west coast tour in August. We are very excited about our current lineup and will have some neat merch available! Tell us if you want us to play where near you, tell us either HERE or HERE. Cool!

    2. Diamond Rugs (featuring members of Deer Tick, Los Lobos, and Black Lips) covered the Mandarin Dynasty song “I Took Note”. You can get their version from Partisan Records, and you can get our original version (along with the rest of the I Am Ready For The Winter Again EP) from iTunes HERE. Neat!

    3. NPR’s Fresh Air gave us a cool shout out in their review of the Diamond Rugs album. Zang!

    4. We recorded a new album in Seattle a couple weeks ago with the incredible and undeniable Zach Burba. Now we need to figure out how we’re going to put it out. Sting!

    It’s gonna be a great week for all of us!




    NOW AVAILABLE: Mandarin Dynasty - Perpendicular Crosstalk

    Consider cassette/MP3 purchase at Bridgetown Records.

    "Between extended tours of the USA and numerous relocations, pop song maestro Mike Sherk’s long-awaited bedroom masterpiece is finally ready after over four years of recording spread across California, Texas, Michigan, Rhode Island and Ohio. Perpendicular Crosstalk displays an extremely wide range of genres and styles that the seasoned road warrior naturally captures the essence of, makes his own, and redefines within the context of each other. While unafraid to toy with tongue-in-cheek pop culture references, Sherk’s commanding quality lies in the sincerity of his storytelling. Amplified by his mastery in the nuances of each instrument and marvelous production values, Sherk pulls these eleven songs from a time capsule isolated from passing fads, trends and buzz-genres."

    Guest musicians include Kevin Ferguson (Friendship Hurricane), Taryn Popplewell (The Dirty Legs), Eleanor Weigert and John McCauley (Deer Tick).

    Limited to 100 with glossy printing. Cassette includes MP3 download code. Consider purchase at the website of Bridgetown Records.


    Toledo Blues (listen)
    Lap Steel Blues
    Fawn Brodie
    Stark Ivory
    Strings For Tea
    Perpendicular Crosstalk (listen)
    The Forbidden Zone
    I Work For the City
    It Is Mine
    Revelation Tremors